Zildjian Gen16 Vs L80

The Zildjian Gen16 and the L80 are invaluable cymbals for drummers who are into extending their practice sessions late into the night. And apart from being exceptionally quiet they also offer a real cymbal feel when compared to the flat rubber pad. In essence therefore, is that the Zildjian cymbals are the perfect training cymbals … Read more

Drum Gum Vs Moongel

Drum dampening is the drummer’s way of customizing the sounds of the drum and cymbals to suit the style of music that they are playing. There are, therefore, several methods employed to dampen the drum, but the most common one is by using either the Drum gum or the Moongel. The latter can, therefore, be … Read more

Pearl decade vs. export

Drumming is a great activity that helps in relieving stress. If you are ready to invest in a drum kit, you should look for a quality one you can use for a long time. Some of the options available include Pearl decade and Pearl export. Both of these kits can help you enjoy drumming. They … Read more

Tama imperialstar review

If you are searching for an excellent sounding drum kit, you should focus on Tama imperialstar. This is a 5-piece drum kit that both beginners and intermediate drummers use. Tama imperialstar comes from a reputable company that makes drum kits for modern-day use and even business. The company has been in existence since the 1960s … Read more

Alesis dm10 mkii review

Alesis dm10 mkii is an electronic kit that drummers play during practice as well as live events. This comes with ten pieces that you can use to produce different sound effects. If you want to learn how to drum, you should consider this electronic kit. It is a high-quality drum set that contains all the … Read more