Best Cheap Double Bass Pedal

Double bass pedals are operated with both feet thus the best method to lug on two separate drums is by playing one drum but with the double bass pedal. Drummers derive more pleasure in their work when they have to think less about the parts of the kits that they are using and focus more … Read more

Best Cajon Under 200

Cajons are a little medieval, and at first glance, it is a bit hard to make out how the instrument produces tunes and rhythms. Cajons are characteristic of a round hole at the front part and are mostly made from a combination of plywood and hardwood. Using this instrument is pretty easy because you can … Read more

Best Budget Cymbals

Cymbals complete the breadth of ensembles ranging from the heavy metal bands, the jazz bands, the orchestra, and percussion among others. The units are available in varieties, such as the ride, mostly used for jazz, and the Hi-Hats, which are normally played together. Others are such as the splash, that are smaller in size and … Read more