How do Drum Triggers Work?

A drum trigger is an electronic sensor that you can attach to any acoustic drum turning it into an electronic drum pad. You then plug into an electronic drum module and it enables you to pretty much make your drums sound like whatever you want. Triggering electronics from acoustic drums is a practice that has … Read more

How Much Do Cymbals Cost

Individual cymbals retail at a price range of either $500 or $600, while the fairly priced but good quality cymbals go for between $250 and $300. Nowadays getting the right cymbals for your drum set is more like searching for a needle in a haystack, the reviews and comments on the different types of cymbals … Read more

How to choose drum heads

Proper maintenance and change of the drum head is the key to maintaining your drum kit. Learn how to choose drum heads with this informative piece. Before the 50’s drumheads were made mostly from calfskin heads. While calfskin produces a unique sounds on eh drums, it was very tough to install. Unfortunately, calfskin drumheads had … Read more

How to play Cajon drum

There is much more that goes into playing Cajon. Cajon skills require more than imitating drum kits or hitting the box. Want to learn how to play a Cajon drum? Read on to find out. Playing a Cajon drum is much more than imitating drum kits or hitting the box. Not enough people approach the … Read more

How to play drums by ears

Good musicianship requires you to be good at reading drum sheet music as well as improvising and playing drums by ears. Learn how to play drums by ears with this informative article. If you learned how to play music by taking private music lesson or going to music school, you most likely rely on drum … Read more