How Much Does a Professional Drummer Make?

I have loved drumming since I was a kid. I played in my high school band and occasionally entertain guests at family functions. I am considering taking up drumming as a full time work. I am not sure how much I can make but I think I can make a decent living if I focused … Read more

How Much Does A Bass Drum Weigh?

I am a college student and I am excited about putting together a band for my school. There are lots of other people keen to be part of it but no one wants to take the role of bass player. They say it is too heavy. How much does a bass drum weigh? Is it … Read more

How to use BeatPad

BeatPad is an iOS controller that lets you make music conveniently on your iPad or iPhone. It is a full-size DJ controller designed for the DJAY app. With growing technological advancements, making music at the comfort of your own home through your phone or iPad is becoming a popular option. BeatPad is an iOS controller … Read more

How to Mic a Bass Drum

The foundation of any good drum sound is the Bass (Kick) drum and how you position the mic will help you achieve the tone you are looking for. There isn’t any specific way of positioning your mic. It all depends on the drummer and comes down to the sound you are trying to achieve. The … Read more

How to Hold Crash Cymbals

Crash cymbals are part of the percussion instruments that are used to play in orchestras, marching bands or concert bands. Learning how to play crash cymbals is an important part of being a percussionist whether you are in a marching band, orchestra or concert band. It isn’t just about banging two 20 inch plates of … Read more

How to dampen cymbals

How to dampen cymbals Cymbals can be very loud and dampening them lowers their volume so you can manage to go through a practice set without being a nuisance to others or to tone it down during a recording session. Are you the drummer that is part of a band and needs to tone it … Read more

How often should you change your Drum Heads?

The subject on changing drum heads is dependent on the personal preference of a drummer. Some players love the old beat-up sound of their drums while others prefer the sound of fresh new skins. How often one should change their drum heads is a question I find to be wrongly asked because there are so … Read more

How much does a Beat machine cost?

A beat machine was designed to enable music producers and musicians create their own beats. It is an electronic instrument that composes a full beat by imitating drum sounds, percussive sounds and even vocal lines. Do you want to become a beat producer? Well, investing in a beat machine should be the best option for … Read more

How many calories do you burn while playing drums?

Did you know about the awesome power of drumming that burns calories and shapes up your body and mind? According to studies, drumming is the equivalent workout to playing in a Premier League football match. Have you ever wondered how many calories you lose while playing drums? I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Playing … Read more